In the beginning, There was a

piece of Aruba, An idea, A dream.

Bahati is a Swahili word, meaning good fortune or luck.

We feel that it is the perfect name for our house. A lot has happened along our journey, overcoming many obstacles, we feel that good karma has always brought the right people into our lives. For this, we will always be very fortunate.

"Bahati was our family's personal journey through earth, concrete and time. We just want to be able to share that experience."
- Claudio Rabaglino

Behind the Paint

Our journey together started over 45 years ago in Kenya.

We are both from European background with wanderlust parents. Claudio, the architect, designer of the home and Michele-Anne, the creative input, got married in Nairobi in 1976. We moved to Canada in 1979, have four children and nine grandchildren. Our life has brought us many adventures and building our home in Aruba was an epic one.

A lot of care and hard work went into designing and building our home. We meticulously crafted every detail in this villa. The architecture, the landscaping and even the furniture and chandeliers were designed by us. Every single aspect of this dreamhome, with over two years of careful planning and hands on work, was a labour of love.

We chose Aruba for various reasons:
To the locals, it is known as 'One Happy Island'. It has a great climate, always hot but with a constant cooling breeze, has beautiful beaches and lunar landscapes. It is only a five hour plane ride from our other home in Toronto and is located off the hurricane path. Aruba is safe and the people are always charming. It is our home away from home!